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I suppose the latest to report in D-topia news is that they're launching a new idol group called Happy Super Generation (はっぴ~超じぇねレ~ション Happy~ Chou Genera~tion if you're following the original japanese and feeling pedantic.) They are signed to D-Topia Universe and their first album "Dare ga Debut Dekiru no?" (誰がデビューできるの?, Who'll be able to debut?) will be released November 7.

The Happy Super Generation project was started at the end of 2011 and had auditions at the beginning of 2012. The theme of this idol group is "experience" rather than "newness." Or at least that's what I gather from their website.

Uehara Mai (Twitter: @HappygeneMai)
Birthday: February 21 1989
Bloodtype: O
Birthplace: Tochigi
Special Skill: Singing

Ogata Junko (Twitter: @HappygeneJunko)
Birthday: August 14 1988
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Tottori
Special Skill:Making sweets

Sasaki Rika (Twitter: @HappygeneRika)
Birthdate: December 6 1995
Bloodtype: B
Birthplace: Tokyo
Special Skill: Piano

Satou Yuzuki (Twitter: @HappygeneYuzuki)
Birthdate: July 16 1991
Bloodtype: A
Birthplace: Saitama
Special SKill: English pronunciation

Hattori Haruhi (Twitter: @HappygeneHaruhi)
Birthdate: August 22 1992
Bloodtype: AB
Birthplace: Chiba
Special Skill: Puns and calligraphy

A clip from a song of theirs has been uploaded on the Dtopia youtube channel. Titled "HappyGen no Theme", it resembles the older, earlier Harenchi Punch sound with some... dance elements. Yes.

Their staff twitter can be found here @HappygeneStaff and their website is here

I swear to god that Yuzuki looks a lot like Aira, but maybe that's because I miss her that much. Regardless, I wish these girls all the best in their debut.
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