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Colorful Tokyo Sounds No. 9
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For fans of Aira Mitsuki, Saori@destiny, 80_pan and D-topia Entertainment!
Girls Entertainment!
Hello and welcome to dtopia, the livejournal community for the artists under the D-topia Entertainment collective produced by Ohnishi Terukado (大西輝門; alternatively known as plain old Terukado.)

D-topia Entertainment is a major label dedicated to promoting girls entertainment - mainly in the form of music and that's where their catchphase ガールズエンターテイメントは引き受けます (Undertaking girls entertainment) comes from. They're constantly on the lookout for girls who want to undertake a career in singing or entertainment. Previously an idol label, they've now moved to producing dance artist.

The current line up of artists under D-topia Entertainment are:

- Aira Mitsuki (アイラミツキ/相良美月)
- Saori@destiny
- 80_pan (Formerly Harenchi*Punch/ハレンチ☆パンチ and 80★PAN!) (now disbanded)
- Ozora Saya (大空さや, formerly of 80★PAN!) (graduated)
- Miyabi Chinatsu (雅千夏) (graduated)
- Suzuoto Hikari (鈴音光り) (graduated)

(Admittedly there may be more, but this list is not definitive.)

dtopia's layout features Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny promoting "???" and "Domestic domain" respectively. The profile image is taken from the promotional web flyer of D-topia's LIVE D-LIVE and was made into a banner by your head moderator, kimivalkyrie. Please contact her or prismboy or roomgirl if you have any problems. (preferably via personal message here on LJ)
Rules and Misc.
1. Please respect the opinions of the poster! There are loads of people who dislike some of the artists in D-topia and they're totally free to. But please don't bash people just because they don't agree with you. Please take any drama to IM or to your own personal journals.

2. This is mean to be a D-topia Ent. community, so please try to keep discussion topics close to the artists as you can. If you're posting something which is slightly related, please be sure to explain what the relation to the artists is!

3. Please check back at what's been previously posted at the community before posting in the community. If someone has posted it before you or your post seems like it has no content, then your post may be deleted to help keep the community clutter-free.

4. As with any musician, please support the girls of D-topia by buying their CDs! If people are kind enough to post music by any of the artists and you like it, please remember to buy the albums and singles themselves!

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